Members Intranet

The Braxton Alliance members website, powered by Braxton, providing:

  • A unique business social networking platform enabling members to profile themselves, connect with each other, join online groups and promote their expertise
  • Access to Braxton Business, where members can profile client projects, search, and identify new business opportunities
  • A powerful database, providing information on member firms’ services, industry expertise and partner skills
  • A global network of Braxton web sites and blogs
  • A tool of effective international communications
  • On-line technical and practice development sessions through Braxton Academy
  • International quality assurance information, constantly updated.

Social Networking

The Braxton Alliance intranet maximise opportunities for information sharing and new business generation among a community of many professionals dispersed over dozens of member firms.

Based on the increasingly popular concept of social networking, Braxton Alliance´s Intranet will enable members to:

  • Manage their own biographical information to include details of their expertise and experience
  • Use powerful search to quickly locate other members with specific areas of expertise
  • Link in or connect to other members that have similar or complementary expertise worldwide
  • Join practice focused online groups bringing together members with common interest and expertise
  • View other members’ interests.

Braxton Alliance´s Intranet represents the way forward for a knowledge based organisation such as Braxton Alliance whose very lifeblood is networking and information exchange.

The Braxton Alliance´s  member extranet is a a vibrant, active online community from which participants will be able to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of their Braxton Alliance colleagues, identify opportunities for closer cooperation and client development, and extend their ‘virtual practices’ across borders.

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