Professional Strength

Professional Strength of Braxton Alliance Members

Benefits for Members:

  • Members will have the possibility to recommend other members to their clients and perceive a referral fee (from 10% to 20%).
  • Braxton Alliance is able to solve any professional firm problem in the bussiness sector, anywhere (with other Braxton partners).
  • Braxton Allience brings to members the possibility to complement their services to fullfill any client´s professional need in a secure enviorment. This increases client loyalty, as tipicaly no competitors are able to offer the same.
  • Croos-selling opportunities among real multidisciplinary practices.

Benefits for Clients:

The members of Braxton Alliance offer their clients the best of two worlds: international strength and close working relationships with senior professionals in each local firm. As the biggest international professional firms merge into still larger organisations, Braxton Alliance members provide companies with cost-effective and personal services in Spain, but also in major business centres around the world.

Braxton Alliance firms have been able to attract proactive and probusiness professionals because these firms allow them to remain actively involved with clients. Clients are assured that partners and other highly trained senior staff participate on a day-to- day basis in serving both individual and corporate needs.

Professional teams include not only auditors and accountants, but also lawyers, tax experts, financial and marketing consultants, engineers and computer specialists.

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