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Retain your clients and independence, while winning new international clients.

Braxton is one of the pre-eminent international professional services organisations. Membership of Braxton Alliance provides with access to opportunities that are out of the reach of the typical local firm.

However, membership is by invitation only with strict entry criteria ensuring that standards remain high and that only professional firms of the highest calibre and the right mindset are accepted into the Alliance.

Your firm may be eligible to apply if you can meet the Braxton Alliance membership criteria, which include to be committed to providing responsive, partner-level support to the clients of member firms and becoming a proactive, long-term member of the Alliance.

Benefits of Braxton Alliance Membership

Braxton Alliance membership is an invaluable networking, referral generation, and client retention strategy.

Be more competitive
These are challenging times for independent professional firms. Competition is increasing, clients are more demanding, business is more international than ever before, and new complex regulations are creating additional pressures. If you are a professional firm facing challenges of this nature, there are several routes you can take.

Membership of an alliance such as Braxton Alliance is a viable solution for the independent professional firm. Access to the wide range of additional resources and professional support offered by Braxton and other members of similar size will enable your firm to focus on its core services and markets, while using the resources of the Alliance to compete more effectively and with greater confidence. You will be able to serve clients as they expand internationally.

Remain independent and non-exclusive
The additional resources of Braxton Alliance and its professional services firm members will provide your firm with the opportunity to expand the range of services available to clients without jeopardising existing relationships or your firm’s autonomy. Your firm’s independence remains uncompromised, and like any strong independent professional services firm, your firm will not only be able to maximise avenues for growth from non-association sources, but also take advantage of association specific, new opportunities that were previously out of the firm’s reach.

Enhance your profile & client confidence
As an independent member firm of Braxton Alliance, your firm retains its distinct business identity. Your independent control and professional judgement are in no way restricted; in fact, your services and capabilities are broadened and enhanced.

You will have the right to use the Braxton Alliance brand alongside your firm’s own brand, strengthening your firm’s pitch for new business that requires national and international reach and resources.

Your firm will improve its global reach (versus global presence): the ability to service your clients beyond your local market in a simple and levy-free forum for local, national and international business referrals.

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