Braxton Alliance Member´s Services

With the common goal of delivering superior quality, commercial and consulting facilities in every country, Braxton Alliance through its member firms provides services that can cater to the diverse needs of every global entity. Effective sharing of knowledge, awareness of international trends and a keen understanding of the global marketplace along with local standards are the outcome of the collaboration of our member firms.

Because laws and regulations vary greatly from country to country, the range of services offered by each Braxton Alliance firm differs. Most of the member firms provide accounting, audit, taxation and management consulting services. In countries where accounting firms are prohibited from certain activities, members of Braxton Alliance can arrange provision of additional support as part of a package of services or turnkey solution.

Whether it is a single venture or a series of activities, herein is a gist of the various services offered by the member firms of Braxton Alliance:

Audit & Accounting – Audit and Accounting services inclusive of health check audits, regulatory audits, internal & external audits and more, are offered in compliance with the latest national and international standards and guidelines to lend credibility to your financial statements.

Tax & Financial Planning – A host of tax and financial planning services including effective tax planning, tax compliance, assistance in cross-border transactions and other financial decisions like company formation, mergers and acquisitions are offered by our affiliates to maintain and enhance the financial health of your business.

Business & Management Consultancy – Evaluating various business and management decisions including asset planning, drawing cash flow and budget projections, management reporting and planning growth through expansion, our affiliates investigate and advise upon the feasibility of business plans.

Risk Management & Advisory – Assessing the degree of risk associated with various proposals, our affiliates guide and report on how to effectively manage the anticipated risks attached to every financial decision to help keep your business ahead of its competition.

Legal Consultancy and Representation – Consultancy on all legal matters that can affect a modern business as well as legal representation by expert lawyers to uphold the stand taken by your organization.

Corporate Finance – Advising and arranging for the funds required to support various business proposals including acquisitions, flotations and disposals, our affiliates add value to your plans by getting you the appropriate finances at the right time.

Business and Strategic Diagnostics – Strategic planning for short- and long-term profitability requires practical business plans which address issues ranging from asset deployment and diversification to acquisition strategies.

Real Estate Consultancy – Recommending the best and strategically placed properties across the globe to build a strong asset portfolio that ensures returns and safety of investment.

Management and Information Systems – Consulting on information management provides clients with the tools to best integrate automated systems which monitor accounting, tax and other reporting data.

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