The Braxton Alliance internationalization approach supports
member firm clients wanting to expand outside their
own territory as well as those already operating
The member firm partner in charge of the client in the
home territory co-ordinates the global aspects of the
assignment. This includes introducing Braxton Alliance
firms around the world and the continuous coordination
of activity as the business develops
Importantly, the Braxton Alliance internationalization approach requires a
detailed understanding of the industry in which the
member firm client operates and ensures the provision
of ‘tailor-made’ multi-national co-ordination and
solutions. Negotiation of worldwide fees, monitoring
timetable compliance, dealing effectively with all
cross border issues and providing a global report on
completion of the work by the lead member firm
partner are all part of the internationalization process.

If you are doing business internationally, Braxton Alliance member
firms have knowledgeable, experienced and skilled
advisers who understand the complications inherent
in your business.

Internationalization StrategiesThere are two well-known market entry strategies. The Waterfall Strategy where each market will be entered step by step and the Sprinkler Strategy where a company enters all suitable markets at the same time. Braxton Alliance members have experience in both.

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